Pendleton Associates, Inc.

Manufacturer's Representative

Q. Which Credit cards do you accept?

A. Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards are accepted, as well as debit cards which bear the Visa or Mastercard logo.  


Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. Yes, you can as long as the item has not been received by the vendor or shipped.  If the order has already been sent to the vendor we will attempt to cancel the order, but cannot guarantee that the cancellation will be possible.  If you do receive an order that was canceled, accept delivery of the item and call the Customer Service Center fo rreturn instructions.

Q. I have canceled my order but I haven’t received a credit yet. How long do credits take?


A.  We submit all requests for credits within 24 hours of receipt; however, it may take 7-10 business days for you to receive your credit.  You should see this on your next credit card statement or the following one, depending on where you re in your billing cycle.

Q. Can I return an item that is damaged, defective or I just don’t want?

A. If, within 30 days, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace the item or provide a credit for the full merchanside amount less any shipping charges.


Pendleton Associates, Inc.

85 Sanrico Drive
Manchester, CT 06045

Phone: 860-646-4411
Fax: 860-646-1162

Specializing in:
Hydronic, hot water generation, engineedred pump & sewage applications, water fileration.
Copper fittings, Mechanical DWV Couplings, Transistion DWV couploings round out our comodity lines.
Centrally Located
Our corporate location is in Manchester, CT (Hartford geographically) which allows us to serve most of our New England customer base with overnight deliveries of warehoused product lines.